Ham Radio Special Event Station

Current Weather Update - Rain Delay as of 2pm CDT Friday Sept 7th

Current conditions with weather will be causing a delay this Saturday morning (Sept 8th) in setting up. We will still be on the air but more in a mobile capacity than fixed. Still planning on being at the listed location though. . Clicking on button will take you to the local Kansas City Radar weather page. 

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CLICK HERE for sign up for Notifcations about our Special Event Station Locations, Club Information, QSL Cards, etc. Our Club is William Becknell Heritage Days Ham Radio Club.

We will meet for setup at 7am as we have several antennas and radios to set up.  
This is a 2 day event.  Our plan is to be on the air by 9am CDT 14:00 GMT on the 19th and work continuous
till 4pm CDT  21:00 GMT on Sunday the 20th.  Same Schedule for the September Event.

wb0sft@gmail.com To contact our Amateur Radio Club coordinator send us an email.

May 19 - 20 & Sept 8 - 9, 2018

Strang Park 88th Ter. & Farley, Overland Park, Ks.

•Contact on  15m  20m  40m  80m 160M    21.365 - 14.265 - 7.265 - 3.865. - 1.835 

•We will voice announce our CW Locations as they are being used.  

•From   09:00 CDT  May 19th to 17:00 CDT  May 20th  & Sept 9th & 10th

•CW frequencies Check these •21.065 - 14.065 - 7.060 - 3.520 - 1.820

FT-8 Frequencies and Tmes will be Posted here when available.

The location in the photo to the right is Strang Park. To the left just out of the photo is Farley Street and our address is 88thTer and Farley. The building at the top is the back side of the Johnson County Library on 87th Street Next to it on 87th is the Quick Trip on the West corner. 

As the event gets closer we will be able to give you the frequencies we are transmitting on and a time schedule for each. We will be looking at propogation reports to help with band openings. 

On Saturday at 5:30pm we will have a BBQ grill available for anyone who wants to bring their own food to cook. Sorry no alcoholic beverages allowed in the city park. 

Check Back Often for Updates

This is an Aerial view of the Location. Setup to the right of the tennis courts at the end of the sidewalk with the red centers. There is a pavilion in the trees bottom Left and antennas will be in the open area where the triangle of trees are. 

Additional Event Site Locations Wanted Along the Trail

We would like to establish additional Event Stations along the trail between now and Sept 2021. 

If you or your Club would like to find out how you can participate. 

Help Work The Event

Voice Operators Needed

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Key Pounders Needed  CW

W B 0 S F T

After the Event you will be able to download and obtain your QSL certificate.


Contact Us for More Info.

   E-Mail   Coordinator  KC0VYS          wb0sft@gmail.com

   E-Mail  Ast. Site  Cord.  KB0TOT